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Meet The Team

The team at Whole Therapy are dedicated to providing the best service to each and every one of our valued clients. We achieve this by working collaboratively, with our team of experienced and devoted staff. 


Cristina has a background in strategy and business management. She provides management and support across all areas of Whole Therapy. Her aim is to create a positive, supportive environment, where every member of the team can thrive.  Cristina values efficiency and responsiveness, with a focus on providing the highest level of customer service.

Cristina is absolutely loved by the Whole Therapy team, for her positive 'can do attitude' and for all of the support she provides.


General Manager

Cristina Coates

Haylie believes that the best way to find success in life, is to make things fun and creative.  She believes that everyone should be seen for who they are, not their disability and with this in mind, she brings out the best in the people she works with.  She always strives to ensure that Whole Therapy offers an efficient service, which is not compromised by quality.  It is important to her to always go the extra mile, so that people feel valued and understood. 


Clinical Manager

Haylie Nowicki
University of the Sunshine Coast – BoccThy
Jeremy Coates
Operations Manager

Jeremy has a background in compliance and finance and manages the non-clinical side of Whole Therapy.  His light hearted and positive demeanour is always well received and his proactive and responsive communication skills ensures that participants and stakeholders feel well cared for.  Jeremy grew up on an Avocado farm in Toowoomba, and values having a small-team tailored approach. 


Operations Manager

Crystal is a senior occupational therapist who has a special interest in neurological rehabilitation and growing capacity in daily living activities through the development of therapy programs.  She grew up in rural NSW and loves the outdoors. Crystal values the individual differences and working closely with the team to ensure that whole therapy provides a tailored approach and a high standard of care.  She enables people to work toward the goals that they set at their own pace, and in their own environment. 


Clinical Lead & Senior Occupational Therapist

Crystal Robertson
The University of Queensland – BoccThy, Hons

Georgia is an experienced community Speech Pathologist who has a passion for finding creative solutions for complex communication and swallowing challenges. Her background in Positive Behaviour Support has equipped her with a person-centred approach and an understanding of how to empower people to achieve their goals. Throughout her career, Georgia has developed an interest in working with adults with acquired and developmental communication and swallowing disorders. Outside of work hours Georgia looks forward to exploring new restaurants and cafes and heading to her nearest beach.


Georgia Dickie
BSPath (Hons) -
The University of Queensland 

Senior Speech Pathologist 

Tina Parker
Griffith University - BExSci, BPthy

Tina has enjoyed a diverse physiotherapy career of over 15 years working on the Gold Coast in paediatrics, acute hospital services, mental health and rehabilitation. She believes in using clinical skills and knowledge to help individuals achieve meaningful goals that enable people with a disability to live their best life. Tina loves to use her pilates instructor experience and love of yoga to develop creative and fun programs that focus on the person, not the presentation. The best part of her day is hearing how her recommendations and advice have truly improved the everyday life of the person she is working with. When she’s not working Tina enjoys our Gold Coast beaches, taking out her stand up paddle board, or spending time with her family over a good board game. 

Head of Physiotherapy & Senior Physiotherapist


Zoe WT.jpg
Zoe Wyer
The University of Queensland – BoccThy, Hons

Zoe is an energetic and caring OT, who has a special interest in equipment prescription, home modifications and working with people who have physical disabilities. Zoe has worked across a number of hospital and community settings and has experience working in spinal injury rehabilitation. Zoe enjoys facilitating therapy that is fun and rewarding for the client, and driven by their interests and motivations. When she is not at work, Zoe enjoys backpacking, skiing, art activities and adding to her plant collection. Zoe works with clients on the Northside of Brisbane and surrounding areas.


Senior Occupational Therapist

Duncan has over 10 years experience working as a Physiotherapist, across a variety of
different areas. He has a particular interest in making exercise and rehabilitation programs
fun for the individual, with a focus on goal orientated sessions. Duncan is a great
problem solver, and enjoys finding ways to make things work for the individual and
their needs.


Senior Physiotherapist

Duncan Smith
The University of Queensland – BPhty
Charlotte Dornbusch
The University of Queensland – BoccThy, Hons

Charlotte has a special interest in upper limb and neurological rehabilitation. She has a warm and gentle demeanour which she has developed through her experiences in residential care and paediatrics settings. 

Charlotte genuinely cares about people and strives to provide a personalised approach to therapy. Charlotte works in Brisbane and the greater surrounds.

Clinical Support



Teneile is an enthusiastic and thoughtful therapist, she believes that engaging in meaningful
and purposeful activities is the recipe to living a happy and healthy life. Teneile enjoys
working with people from all walks of life, and has a great way of communicating with people
to understand their story. Teneile is born and raised on the Gold Coast and enjoys living a

relaxed coastal lifestyle, she loves meeting new people and is excited to work with you to
reach your occupational potential.


Occupational Therapist

Teneile Hert
Griffith University- BOccthy 

Eloise is a warm and enthusiastic OT who has a passion for working with people with acquired brain injury and neurological conditions. Eloise has extensive experience across a broad range of hospital and community settings including inpatient and community rehabilitation. Eloise prioritises making therapy enjoyable and meaningful by incorporating the client’s activities of interest. She is passionate about building up people’s self-confidence and prioritises working collaboratively with her clients to find the most personalised solution for them. Eloise’s interests include her Labrador, Artie and travel.


Senior Occupational Therapist 

Eloise Cawcutt-Foxover

Elly likes getting to know people and building strong foundations of trust and connection with her participants. This informs her style of care which focuses on quality of life, including
independence and autonomy. She has previously covered the whole of Queensland in some capacity from Cairns to Goondiwindi in a range of roles including Vocational rehabilitation,
Aged care, and Vision impairment. Elly is currently studying a Master's degree to further her
knowledge in accessibility and inclusion.


Senior Occupational Therapist 
Mental Health Focused

Elly Hanger
Australian Catholic University - BOccThy Deakin University - Masters of  Disability & Inclusion

Anna enjoys working with all ages and loves celebrating each person’s individuality. She has
a gentle yet energetic approach to therapy and strives to ensure that everyone she works
with feels valued and confident. She has a background in musculoskeletal therapy, likes to
be creative and prides herself on always going the extra mile. Outside her work as a physiotherapist, Anna enjoys spending time outdoors and is a self-confessed horse


Senior Physiotherapist

Anna Bourne
University BExSci, BPthy 
Elise Cochran

Elise is a warm and caring Occupational Therapist who strives to translate this into each therapy session. Elise strongly values a holistic therapy approach and is excited to continue to develop and expand her clinical skills. When she is not at work you'll find her hanging with friends, at the beach or eating out at a good restaurant.

Occupational Therapist


Cody Feltham
Griffith University - BOccThy

Cody is a new graduate who is excited to begin his occupational therapy career with the Whole Therapy team. Cody aims to bring a positive, upbeat and energetic attitude into the team and translate this into his therapy sessions as an occupational therapist. With a person centred approach, Cody endeavours to have a positive impact on people’s lives and help them to achieve their desired goals. Living on the Gold coast most of his life, Cody enjoys adventuring SEQ, going to the beach in his beloved budgy smugglers, watching rugby league with family and friends, and being out on the golf course.

Occupational Therapist


Jaimie Doe

Jaimie is a fun and vibrant team member and has over 3 years of marketing and administrative experience working in a diverse role across many different industries. Jaimie is dedicated to making everything at Whole Therapy look beautiful and putting wheels in motion for referrals and processes. If you get a chance to ask Jaimie what she loves, you’ll be guaranteed to hear about her passion for travel, dogs, and the ocean.    

Administration and Marketing


Tasha Ritchie
Southern Cross University – BSpPath

Tasha is a warm natured and caring Speech Pathologist who enjoys implementing a person-centred approach to support a positive quality of life. Tasha values the importance of client empowerment and confidence when working toward their Speech Pathology goals. Tasha is looking forward to exploring all areas of Speech Pathology including acquired speech and language disorders, voice therapy, paediatric feeding and adult swallowing management. In her spare time, Tasha enjoys different fitness activities with a large focus on running and Pilates. Tasha has an immense passion for overseas travel and soaking up the spectacular sites of the world.

Speech Pathologist 



Jasmine has an energetic and warm demeanor, who has a strong passion for providing individuals with holistic high-quality care. Her background in aged care grew her compassion and caring nature. She has a special interest in neurological conditions and is eager to both build on her academic foundations and practical strategies through continued coursework and professional developments. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action is implemented into her sessions with a creative twist. Jasmine believes in a participant focused approach and integrates their meaningful activities into therapy. Jasmine is always up for a laugh and would love to connect with individuals based on the Gold Coast.


Senior Occupational Therapist

Jasmine Reisch
Southern Cross University– BoccThy

Briony is an enthusiastic, down-to-earth, allied health assistant in her second year of Occupational Therapy at Griffith University.
Briony loves getting to know people and understanding the things that are uniquely important to them. She enjoys building relationships, learning new skills, working collaborative and being creative. Briony has a history in dancing which can be a fun and valuable contribution to therapy sessions. Briony’s favourite thing about Occupational Therapy is understanding what the world looks like to so many different people and being able to join them in navigating that in line with their own desires, goals and purposes.


Therapy Assistant

Briony Swan
Griffith University 
- BoccThy Student
The University of Queensland – BOccThy

With a background in aged care, Erin draws on her prior experiences to build a valued therapeutic relationship with clients as the foundation to work towards their chosen goals. Erin understands each person is unique and strives to incorporate an individualized, person-centred approach within therapy. Erin has a gentle, enthusiastic and compassionate style in therapy sessions and loves achieving goals with her clients. When Erin is not working you’ll find her spending time with her family and adorable, crazy dogs; and playing team sports, particularly TRL, touch and netball.

Occupational Therapist


Myee Urquhart

Myee has been working alongside allied health professionals for over 10 years, spending most of her time in Toowoomba, Brisbane and now loves living on the Gold Coast. She is our friendly face behind the phone, always happy to assist you with enquiries, scheduling appointments, quotes and service agreements.  Myee enjoys strolls at Burleigh Heads, Hiking through our beautiful Gold Coast Hinterlands and spending time with her Chihuahua, Meiko. 

Administration Officer


Eloise is an affable and enthusiastic Occupational Therapist, who is strongly driven to partner with individuals and their families to achieve their unique goals and reach their potential. Eloise has had experience working in rural and remote regions of Queensland which has guided her to become a highly resourceful and innovative therapist. Eloise values creating a respectful and collaborative relationship with others, which she believes is the perfect recipe for individualised service and successful outcomes. Outside of work, Eloise is always seeking an adventure and is excited to explore more of SEQ!

El Biggin

Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapist


Derek is an energetic and enthusiastic Occupational Therapist, who strongly believes in having a family centered and holistic approach to helping individuals achieve their goals and live the most meaningful lives they can. Derek believes in making his sessions fun and enjoyable for everyone involved and from outdoor education and aquatics backgrounds, Derek has a unique approach to his services and endeavours to incorporate this into all of his practices. In his spare time, you will find Derek rock climbing, at the beach, spending time with his dog (Maple) or gardening. 


Occupational Therapist

Derek Griggs

Lauren is a highly driven and dedicated occupational therapist, with a passion for helping others. Lauren has a background in working in paediatrics and residential aged care settings, where she has assisted individuals to safely reach their fullest potential. Lauren places high value in tailoring therapy to meet individual needs and working closely with the team to achieve best possible outcomes.  Lauren enjoys a good chat and is always ready to have fun.   

Occupational Therapist


Tilly WT.jpg

Tilly is a fun loving physiotherapist with a strong interest in neurological rehabilitation, functional exercises and helping people to achieve their greatest physical outcomes. Growing up in country Victoria, she was a competitive cross country skier and has always led an active lifestyle. Since moving to Queensland, Tilly started doing triathlons and understands how important it is to break down a main goal into smaller, achievable portions in order to accomplish it. Tilly comes from a background of working with clients in a musculoskeletal setting and has extensive experience as a qualified Pilates instructor. Tilly strives to empower her clients with knowledge and understanding to help them to self- manage and become the best versions of themselves through their therapy.


Senior Physiotherapist

Tilly Pascoe
Deakin University - BExSci, University of Queensland - MPT

Rhiannon is a passionate and friendly Speech Pathologist who completed her degree at The University of Queensland. She loves working collaboratively with a range of different paediatric and adult clients, to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  Rhiannon is eager to continue expanding and developing her clinical skills, whilst aiming to form positive therapeutic relationships with her clients.  In her spare time, Rhiannon enjoys baking (eating what she bakes), doing yoga and spending time with friends and family. 


Speech Pathologist 

Rhiannon Hounslow

Jordie is a driven and enthusiastic OT with a curious nature. She has experience working within acute hospitals in Victoria, as well as inpatient rehabilitation for Acquired Brain Injury. She has a passion for assisting those to achieve the goals that are most meaningful to them. Jordie has recently relocated from Melbourne and is eager to see more of what QLD has to offer! Outside of work, she enjoys going to the beach, seeing live music and eating good food.

Jordie Green
Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapist 


Paris is an Occupational Therapist who enjoys making therapy fun and meaningful for each individual. She is energetic and passionate about helping people achieve their goals, build skills, and continue participating in activities that are most important to them. Paris has worked across a number of settings including paediatric and disability services in rural/remote areas, and brain injury rehabilitation services in the home and the community. Since recently moving to Queensland, Paris enjoys exploring, arty activities, and listening to good music!  

Paris Johnson

Occupational Therapist 


Occupational Therapist


Carina is a kind and caring occupational therapist. She values taking the time to get to know people and brings a calm and measured approach to her work. Carina has a background in working in acute hospital and rehabilitation settings. Carina has recently spent 6 months working in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Carina grew up in Victoria and when she is not at work, she enjoys going for short hikes, spending time with her dog, Enzo, and having a good laugh

Carina Pezzimenti

Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapist 

Katie is a second-year occupational therapy student at Griffith University and loves to pair professional experience with academic knowledge here at Whole Therapy. She finds value and joy through working on unique therapy programs with each individual and loves to build a connection. Katie enjoys all things outdoors and anything to do with the beach!  


Therapy Assistant 

Katie Munday

Natasha has a passion for working closely with the client and the team to provide a service that is tailored for them. She enjoys working within all areas of speech pathology ranging from paediatric clients to adult. Natasha has a warm and easy-going nature which contributes to her ability to build relationships with a diverse range of clients. Growing up in a regional town in Central Queensland has led to her having a love for going on new adventures, hiking and gardening.

Natasha Dalton
University of Queensland -  BSPath (Hons)  


Speech Pathologist 

Kirby enjoys working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and has previously worked within geriatrics, women’s health and acute hospital services. Kirby believes in a person-centred approach to therapy and understands that everyone’s journey is different. She brings her fun and enthusiastic nature into all aspects of her physiotherapy practice and will always strive to motivate her clients to achieve goals meaningful to them. In her spare time, Kirby loves to travel, go to the beach, spend time outdoors and with her friends and family.

Kirby MacKelvie

Senior Physiotherapist


Senior Physiotherapist

India is an energetic, motivated and kind occupational therapist who completed her Master of Occupational Therapy at Bond University, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science Psychology. India is passionate about using a holistic approach to enable all clients to develop skills to live a safe and fulfilled life as independently as possible. India enjoys working in paediatrics and mental health. India was born and raised in rural Queensland and is loving her beach lifestyle at the Gold Coast.  She enjoys going to the beach, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

India Clarence

Occupational Therapist 


Occupational Therapist 

Jacqui is a third-year occupational therapy student at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. She was born and raised in Tasmania, and loves being outdoors, going on adventures, and exploring new places. Jacqui is energetic and fun, and strives to empower clients through individualising sessions to their own interests and motivations. Jacqui loves building trust and relationships, learning new skills, and bringing a smile to people's faces. 

Jacqui Zealley


Therapy Assistant

Sinead is a warm-hearted and humorous Occupational Therapist who understands recovery is not linear. Sinead has strong experience with psychosocial disabilities and is eager to assist those on their journeys. With a vast background of hospital-based and community-based supports, Sinead places high value in ensuring therapy is individualised to the client and that the client is the leader. Born and raised on the Gold Coast, she knows all the best coffee spots and views. She is looking forward to working with you and watching you reach your goals. 

Sinead Kelly

Occupational Therapist 


Occupational Therapist 


Fiona is a Speech Pathology student in her final year at Griffith University. She is a positive, warm and patient therapy assistant who enjoys arts and crafts and will incorporate the same creativity into her sessions. Coming from a Korean and Malaysian Indian background, Fiona loves exploring different cultures and believes that viewing each person holistically is important in making therapy meaningful yet enjoyable when striving towards goals. In her spare time Fiona loves playing the piano for her cocker spaniel Teddy and spending quality time with friends and family!


Therapy Assistant

Fiona Peter

Meiko loves to spread cheer around the office and is always down for a cuddle. 

She's a cheeky girl and doesn't mind interrupting important meetings to ask for a snack.

She's your classic lapdog with a big personality and a little bit of sass. Nevertheless she is absolutely adored by our team.  


Whole Therapy Office Dog 

Whole Therapy Dog